Knowing how other women feel and what they experience helps women, especially those who are attending a colposcopy clinic for the first time and don’t know what to expect

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What Other Women Have Said...

Below are some of the things that women we interviewed have said about colposcopies.

Looking back on it now, I wish I'd told one of my friends or my sister that I was going for the procedure. I think that would have helped...talking about it.

Feeling more prepared for how the colposcopy may feel and having that information definitely helped me.

I think not having someone with me would be upsetting. And if I was going again, even though I've done it, I would definitely bring someone with me.

I was expecting worse. So when I actually went to have it done, I was like, this is nothing, that's the way I felt. It was no big deal!

I'd never been to a colposcopy clinic, so being able to see what it looks like beforehand and hearing from the nurse say what will happen during it reassured me.

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